Beverly Marksbury

Beverly Marksbury first heard about the Colburn School when she served as benefit chairman of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, a philanthropic community group serving the greater Los Angeles area. “After we awarded two grants to the school, I attended a luncheon for the students in the Summer Encounter program, which provides two weeks of arts instruction to fifth and sixth grade students. I sat next to a 16-year-old flutist who’d been in the program since she was 12, and was then attending a fine arts high school,” Ms. Marksbury recalls.

“When I asked her mother how she managed to get her daughter to school and to Colburn for lessons, she just said, ‘Whatever it takes, I do.’ I was so impressed with that story and the impact the school had on this family,” she adds.

When her commitment to Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts ended, Ms. Marksbury joined the Colburn School Board of Directors at the invitation of her good friend Alice Coloumbe, a longtime supporter of the school. Since then, Ms. Marksbury has been very involved with Colburn in a variety of ways, and enjoys attending chamber music and orchestra concerts. “The kids here are incredibly talented, and talking to them and spending time with them is a real joy.”

When it came time to complete her financial planning, Ms. Marksbury, who has no children of her own, felt the Colburn School’s students would benefit most from her legacy gift. “I let the school know a gift would be coming because I think it helps them plan more effectively for the future.”

Ms. Marksbury feels strongly that a performing arts education sets children up for success throughout their lives. “There’s a clear connection between arts learning and learning in other disciplines, and I think it helps children become better citizens.”

She hopes her gift will help the Colburn School serve even more students in the future, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis. “I hope more children can learn music and grow up to be performers or teachers,” she says. “Finances should not be a burden for these students. If my gift can help them in some small way, I’m happy.”


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